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Category Archives: Java

Buildr Still Not Ready for Prime Time


As some of you may know, I’ve been following the Buildr project with a fair degree of interest of late.  Just last week, Assaf announced their first release as an Apache project: Buildr 1.3.0.  Being of the inquisitive bend, I decided that this would be an excellent time to reevaluate its suitability for use in [...]

The Plague of Polyglotism


For those of you who don’t know, polyglotism is not some weird religion but actually a growing trend in the programming industry.  In essence, it is the concept that one should not be confined to a single language for a given system or even a specific application.  With polyglot programming, a single project could use [...]

Groovy’s Performance is Not Subjective


Ah, the saga of misinterpreted micro-benchmarks!  Developers advocating one technology over another have long used micro-benchmarks and trivial examples to illustrate their point.  This is most often seen in the area of language implementation, where performance is a critical (and often emotional) consideration.  The Computer Language Benchmarks Game is a good example of this.
With the [...]

ActiveObjects 0.8 Released


Happy Easter everyone, we’ve got a new release!  ActiveObjects 0.8 is simmering at low heat (and footprint) on the servers even as I type.  This is probably the most significant milestone we’ve released thus far in that the 1.0 stream is now basically feature-complete.  I won’t be adding any new features to this release, just [...]

Should We Really Study Other Languages?


The practice of learning multiple languages has really become dogma in the modern developer community.  Everyone knows that you should study different languages, different paradigms and various techniques for accomplishing the same thing.  Why?  The canonical answer is that it helps you grow into a better programmer in your primary language.  After all, if you [...]