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Monads Are Not Metaphors


This article is also available in Japanese.
I am about to break a promise. Almost three years ago, I promised myself that I would never write an article about monads. There are too many such articles already; so many, in fact, that people are often confused by the sheer proliferation. Everyone seems to [...]

Hacking Buildr: Interactive Shell Support


Last week, we looked at the unfortunately-unexplored topic of Scala/Java joint compilation.  Specifically, we saw several different ways in which this functionality may be invoked covering a number of different tools.  Among these tools was Buildr, a fast Ruby-based drop-in replacement for Maven with a penchant for simple configuration.  In the article I mentioned that [...]

Integrating Scala into JRuby


More and more projects (especially startups) have been choosing to build their software in multiple languages.  Rather than using SQL for the database, XML for the RPC and Java for the everything else, companies have learned that sometimes a different language can serve best in a specific area.  Ola Bini provides some guidance with regards [...]

Implicit Conversions: More Powerful than Dynamic Typing?


One of the most surprising things I’ve ever read about Scala came in the form of a (mostly positive) review article.  This article went to some lengths comparing Scala to Java, JRuby on Groovy, discussing many of its advantages and disadvantages relative to those languages.  Everyone seems to be writing articles to this effect these [...]

Pipe Dream: Static Analysis for Ruby


Yes, yes I know: Ruby is a dynamic language.  The word “static” is literally opposed to everything the language stands for.  With that said, I think that even Ruby development environments would benefit from some simple static analysis, just enough to catch the really idiotic errors.
Here’s the crux of the problem: people don’t test well.  [...]