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Category Archives: Ruby

The Brilliance of BDD


As I have previously written, I have recently been spending some time experimenting with various aspects of Scala, including some of the frameworks which have become available.  One of the frameworks I have had the privilege of using is the somewhat unassumingly-titled Specs, and implementation of the behavior-driven development methodology in Scala.
Specs takes full advantage [...]

Buildr Still Not Ready for Prime Time


As some of you may know, I’ve been following the Buildr project with a fair degree of interest of late.  Just last week, Assaf announced their first release as an Apache project: Buildr 1.3.0.  Being of the inquisitive bend, I decided that this would be an excellent time to reevaluate its suitability for use in [...]

JRuby Interop DSL in Scala


JRuby is an amazing bit of programming.  It has managed to rise from its humble beginnings as a hobby project on SourceForge to the most viable third-party Ruby implementation currently available.  As far as I am aware, JRuby is the only Ruby implementation other than MRI which is capable of running an unmodified Rails application.  [...]

XMLBuilder: A Ruby DSL Case Study


XML is probably the most ubiquitous and most recognizable format in the modern development landscape.  It’s simple power in representing hierarchically structured data has made it the standard for representing everything from Word documents to databases.  It’s also one of the most verbose and meta-rich syntaxes known to man.
So in that sense, XML is a [...]

Adding Type Checking to Ruby


What’s the first thing you think of when you consider the Ruby Language?  Dynamic types, right?  Ruby is famous (infamous?) for its extremely flexible type system, and as a so-called “scripting language”, the core of this mechanism is a lack of type checking.  This feature allows for some very concise expressions and a great deal [...]