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Category Archives: Ruby

The End of the Ruby Fad?


Well, it’s a new year; and apparently no sooner are the resolutions forgotten and the hangovers behind us then the internet en mass decides that we need a new language.  Ruby was indisputably the hip language of 2006 and 2007.  However, in an opinion shift so sudden as to make one’s head spin, the blogosphere [...]

Better Utilizing JRuby in Project Scripting


Often times in a large-scale Java project, I find myself in need of performing small, discrete tasks with the existing project infrastructure.   The standard way of doing this has always been to add a main(String[]) method to a class or to add a separate driver class to perform the one operation.  This is a bit [...]

An Easier Java ORM


There is no doubt that Hibernate is the dominant ORM for Java applications. There are Hibernate conferences and Hibernate user groups. It even has its own shelf at Barnes and Nobel. However, I have always found it suffering from a fatal flaw: it’s incredibly complex. Even accomplishing the simplest of functionality [...]

JRuby: The Future of Scalable Rails?


So I was talking earlier today with my good friend, Lowell Heddings, regarding certain annoyances we had with web frameworks. The conversation started talking about the difficulties of developing PHP applications due to the lack of a debugger, but (as conversations on web frameworks are wont to do) eventually the migrated to Rails.
I mentioned [...]

JRuby Event Proxy


One of the things which really which annoys me about JRuby is the lack of a clean syntax corresponding to Java’s anonymous inner classes. Now, Ruby has a neat little syntax trick called blocks. It really would be the ultimate solution if you could use Ruby blocks in things like Java event listeners [...]