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Category Archives: Scala

Implementing Groovy’s Elvis Operator in Scala


Groovy has an interesting shortening of the ternary operator that it rather fancifully titles “the Elvis Operator“.  This operator is hardly unique to Groovy – C# has had it since 2.0 in the form of the Null Coalescing Operator – but that doesn’t mean that it is not a language feature worth learning from.  Surprisingly [...]

The Need for a Common Compiler Framework


In recent years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of languages used in mainstream projects.  In particular, languages which run on the JVM or CLR have become quite popular (probably because sane people hate dealing with x86 assembly).  Naturally, such languages prefer to interoperate with other languages built on these core platforms, [...]

Formal Language Processing in Scala


Quite some time ago, a smart cookie named Phillip Wadler authored a publication explaining the concept of “parser combinators”, a method of representing the well-understood concept of text parsing as the composition of atomic constructs which behaved according to monadic law.  This idea understandably captured the imaginations of a number of leading researchers, eventually developing [...]

The Brilliance of BDD


As I have previously written, I have recently been spending some time experimenting with various aspects of Scala, including some of the frameworks which have become available.  One of the frameworks I have had the privilege of using is the somewhat unassumingly-titled Specs, and implementation of the behavior-driven development methodology in Scala.
Specs takes full advantage [...]

Naïve Text Parsing in Scala


One of the truly incredible things about Scala is that it really inspires people to consider problems that they never would have attempted before.  Recently, the urge came upon me to try my hand at some more advanced text processing.  Not quite so advanced as a full language, but more complicated than can be easily [...]