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Category Archives: Scripts

[RESOLVED] Problems in the Main Feed


To those who were affected by the recent problems in the RSS, you have my sincere apologies.  It seems that the WP-SuperCache plugin doesn’t work nicely with PHP in safe mode (thanks to the How-To Geek for turning me on to the solution).  Since MediaTemple switched it’s GS service over to PHP in safe mode [...]

How to Reimage Your Drive and Lose Your OS


…in five easy steps.
So basically, I royally screwed my computer this weekend. For those of you who didn’t know, Ubuntu 7.1 (Gutsy Gibbon) came out last Thursday, and I decided that I just had to try it. I had just written an impassioned review of why Linux isn’t the superior OS for developers, [...]

OpenID Prefiller Greasemonkey Script


OpenID is really taking off.  We’re seeing more and more sites which offer OpenID login in addition to the standard create/sign-in login system.  Still more sites are offering to be an OpenID provider (such as AOL and LiveJournal).  Distributed single sign-on for the web is really a compelling concept, and I can see why it’s [...]