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SWT Cocoa Call for Volunteers

Posted By Daniel Spiewak On November 17, 2007 @ 9:59 am In Eclipse | 5 Comments

Steve Northover (father of SWT) posted today on his blog news that the SWT team was looking for help [1] with the SWT Cocoa port.  As far as I know, they’ve been working on this for about two weeks, and they’ve already managed to get Eclipse to start – but only through the use of not-so-subtle hackery.

Unfortunately for us (the unwary users), Steve says that they’ve run out of time to work on the Cocoa port, given the pace of the 3.4 stream and its rapidly approaching feature freeze (only a few months away).  A Cocoa port of SWT is something that would benefit everyone, but most especially those who use Eclipse on Mac.  At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it’s probably the most important SWT effort currently in progress.  Apple’s been pretty clear that Cocoa is the future of UI on the Mac.  Most pundits agree that if Carbon isn’t gone in the next MacOS X release, it certainly will be in the one after that.  It is absolutely vital to the future of Eclipse that this port is carried through at the highest caliber.

So, if you’re an Objective-C maven, or just want to help out on a very interesting project, ring up the developers on the platform-swt-dev [2] mailing-list.  I’d help out myself, but I know nothing about Objective-C.  SWT’s a great project to contribute to, even if you don’t completely agree with its purpose.  May the hacking begin!

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