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Introductory Fuse Article

Posted By Daniel Spiewak On November 8, 2007 @ 11:44 am In Java | No Comments

So I sat down this week with the intention of writing a post about Fuse [1], the resource injection framework I worked on with Romain Guy [2].  I wanted to get into some of the best-practices of the framework, touching on how it can be applied to a real-world application.  To that end, I started out writing a simple demo application with a few custom controls and a UI delegate.  The app itself was pretty simple and quite enjoyable, especially as I’ve been doing so much low-level backend work lately.  :-)


The problems really started when I tried writing the post itself.  I’ve never been able to write a short article, as evidenced by the fact that all of my “brief” explanations on things are thousands of words long.  This particular article though seemed to be taking things to the next level.  It wasn’t that Fuse is overly complicated or I was just being way too verbose.  Rather, I just get so excited about some of the benefits of using Fuse and how it can be best utilized that I got a bit carried away.  Somewhere around the 2000 words mark, I decided that maybe it was a shade too long for a proper blog post.

So I finished the article in Live Writer, then used it to generate the HTML I needed and sent the whole kit-and-kaboodle off to my old employer.  It took a bit to get everything sorted out, but as of this morning the article is live and featured on the front page at Javalobby [3]

I won’t waste your time by attempting to summarize the article here.  But if you’re looking for some more info on Fuse, or just want a decent read on techniques for creating custom components in Swing, this article should give you some pointers.  Enjoy!

Easier Custom Components with Swing Fuse [4]

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